Documents and Leaders

of the noncommercial partnership International Summer School of Folk Culture
Arts and Crafts “Slavic Route”:

Board of Founders:

Kehayov_Danislav2 Danislav Kehayov

The Chairman of the Board of Founders, People’s Singer of Bulgaria, director of the folk ensemble “Sl'nchev bryag”“, director of Folk and Arts School of the Nessebar community (Bulgaria) for children and young people.
AmirovShaukat Shaukat Amirov

Vice-chairman of the Board of Founders, professor of the Ural Sate Conservatory, People’s Artist of Russia (balalaika)
Mosunov1 Alexander Mosunov

Principal Secretary of the Board of Founders, director of the agency “Slavic Route” (Yekaterinburg), member of the Union of Journalists of Russia
Maria Ahvlediani

Member of the Board of Founders, candidate of Philological Sciences, vice-chairman of the Journalism and Television Department of the Television High School (faculty) of the M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University
Petrosjan2 Alexander Petrosyan

Director of the Autonomous Non-Commercial organization Creative School “Master-Class” (Moscow), president of the Multiregional Association of bayanists and accordionists.


Milcho Vasil’ev – rector of the Plovdiv academy of Music, Dance and Art (Bulgaria)

Riolina Topalova – choreographer-manager, pedagogue of the Plovdiv Academy of Music, Dance and Art and Sophia choreographic School, assistant director of the National Ballet of Bulgaria

Petko Stoyanov - musician of the folklore ensemble “Sl’nchev bryag” (bagpipe - gajda)

Vasiliy Zhuravlev – international journalist, pedagogue of the Television High School (faculty) of the M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University

Elena Didenko – choreographer, director of the ensemble “Rommax” (Kazakhstan)

Yuri Chirkov – president of the Cossack Culture Fund (St. Petersburg), art director of the ensemble “Bratina”

by the General Meeting of the Founders
of the Non-commercial partnership
“International Summer School of Folk Culture,
Arts and Crafts “Slavic Route”
19th of November, 2009
Saint Petersburg, Russia
(Registration decision #1 dated 11th of February 2010
Burgas district court, Bulgaria)


Of the International Summer School of Folk Culture, Arts and Crafts
“Slavic Route”

I. General terms

  1. Non-commercial partnership “International Summer School of Folk Culture, Art and Crafts “Slavic Route” (hereafter – School) operates on the territory of the Nessebar Community (the Republic of Bulgaria). The School – is not state but private organization, established by the group of individuals – citizens of different countries. It was established to develop cultural relations between folk art of Russia, Bulgaria and other Slavic countries, to enhance prestige and popularity of the traditional folk culture in whole, and technical skills of its separate representatives, to lend support to musical education, to lend methodic assistance to national, including folk, collectives and to learn the experience of state and private, including international, programmes aimed to  strengthen national consciousness and to perfect national art of the numerous nations and nationalities of the Slavic countries. The School set a goal to become one of the basic points, where forms belonging and adherence of the new generations to the historically developed forms of Slavic culture in its rich variety.

  2. The work of the School, as an open cultural venue, consist of two main directions:

    • Preservation of the traditional and development of the modern types of music, dancing, singing, painting, applied creation and other branches of art with the help of all forms of education, which is practiced by skilful pedagogues and art directors, and also masters of the scene of different traditional and modern genres of Slavic and other countries. All creative sessions match the interests of the wide range of pupils of different age, different social and ethnical groups.
    • Assistance for those who want to find their way on the professional and amateur stage, for those who decided to perfect their knowledge and skills in the folk culture. Pedagogues, masters of the stage, producers will help to develop skills and will promote talented participants of the School – child and youthful creative collectives, soloists, pupils of musical schools and colleges, students of creative universities.

  3. The School accepts pupils of child musical schools, regular schools, that realize programmes of the additional education, pupils of the musical departments of schools of arts, other creative schools and studios in correspondence with the topics of the creative sessions, students of the educational institutions of the secondary education and high professional education, and also amateurs without any restrictions to the age or country of residence.
  4. All School’s participants are accepted for education only with the compensation for expenses by sending party or at their own expense, unless they got special invitation (certificate) from the Administration of the School.
  5. Education at the School means live participation in the lessons (master-classes) according to the specialization, in the concerts, competitions, and also attendance of other events, held by the School, including excursions.
  6. The School offers participants and teachers a chance to visit historical and cultural monuments of Bulgaria, to meet native representatives of the culture and masters of the stage, and also accommodation, meals, class rooms and places for concerts, festivities, parties, exhibitions and shows.
  7. International festivals and competitions for different genres, age categories, including professionals and veterans of amateur and professional creation, are annually held within all creative sessions of the School.
  8. The Board of Founders manages the School.
  9. The Board of Founders annually work out the creative programme of the School, schedule of the sessions, lessons, master-classes, concerts, festivals and competitions of the regular summer period and post it on the School’s official website and on the business partner’s websites.
  10. The Board of Founders together with the business partners organize concerts and produce the activity of the School.

II.Procedure of accepting document and paperwork for education in the School.

  1. Application form for education at the School, participation in the concert or festival (hereafter – Application form) posted on the School’s official website, should be filled in by the creative director of the collective, director of the educational institution or by the student and/or by his parents/accompanying persons, and should be sent to the Administration of the School.
  2. In the application form should be enclosed the following documents (original or copies): creative  characteristics of the participant or collective, sighed by the director of the collective, educational institution or creative union, which contains the information about participation in expeditions, seminars, master-classes, concerts, competitions, festivals or put out albums.
  3. Other documents are prepared according to the requirements for foreign residents, arriving to the Republic of Bulgaria.
  4. All other conditions being equal, preferential terms can be approved for the participant or creative collective. Such decision is recorded in the minutes and signed by the members of the Board of Founders. Participants are informed about the decision taken in the written form.
  5. The cost and order of payment for education in the School is fixed annually by the order of the Chairman of the School’s Board of Founders and is posted on the School’s official website.
  6. Filled in application forms, contracts and other legal and financial documents for self pay education are accepted by the Administration of the School according to the schedule of the creative sessions, competitions and festivals statues. Application forms can be sent from the School’s website, and also by fax or e-mail. On the ground of the application form the contract is signed, the budget of the education is set, that is sent to each participant individually for negotiation and payment.
  7. The number of participants in each creative session is limited.

II. Additional information

  1. Master-classes and creative meetings declared in the programme of the session are held for all School’s students and accompanying persons, its cost is included in budget of staying in the School. Any individual and collective lessons are scheduled by the master, professor or pedagogue.  Payment for the additional lessons – according to the approved rates.
  2. Students of all creative sessions get Certificate about education in the School.
  3. The School, as the producing centre, forms from the gifted students concert programmes, which are presented on the territory of Nessebar Community and the Republic of Bulgaria in whole, without any additional agreements with the students and their directors.
  4. The School has official partners in the Slavic countries, this information you can find on the School’s official site. School’s partners support the students and their pedagogues in any questions, including transfer, visas, insurance, etc.



of the Board of Founders                                                             Danislav Panayotov Kehayov

Principal Secretary

of the Board of Founder                                                             Alexander Ivanovich Mosunov



Absentia competition
Second distance international competition of arts
“Slavic Route” – 2013-2014

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