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“International Summer School of Folk Culture, Arts and Crafts “Slavic Route” (hereinafter – School) – noncommercial partnership, founded by culture workers of Russia and Bulgaria in 2010 in Nessebar city, that is under the aegis of UNESCO. As the chairman of Board of Founders was selected People’s Singer of Bulgaria, artistic director of the famous folklore ensemble «Sl'nchev bryag» Danislav Kehayov, as the vice-chairman – People’s Artist of Russia, professor of Ural State conservatory Shaukat Amirov. Today founding members include art masters and pedagogues from other countries – Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. School is included to the list of cultural organizations of Bulgarian Culture Ministry (certificate #75(617) dated 20.12.2010)

Initially founded to develop cultural ties, to promote folk and classical art of Russia, Bulgaria and other countries, very soon School became in the interests of representatives of all kinds of art and creation - choreography, theatre, cinema, TV, circus, fine and applied arts, sacred songs, journalism. To each direction there is dedicated two-week creative session, international festival and contest. We search for new young gifted persons, propagandize Slavic creative school and the best samples of world culture. Master classes, contests and combined concerts with art masters develop acting skills of certain participants. As an open cultural and educational area, School rapidly develops cooperation with representatives of different creative directions of European countries and whole world. Thus in Bulgaria took place such concerts as the concert of Russian folk instruments ensemble “Izumrud” (Yekaterinburg) and the winner of seven Grammy Awards saxophonist Paul Winter (USA), Italian virtuoso of the guitar Flavio Sala and folklore ensemble “Zaryanitsa” (Chelyabinsk).  December 14, 2012 took place first concert of School young laureates on the scene of Yekaterinburg Philharmonic. Besides on the school area we study experience of state and private, including international, programmes that are dedicated to the strengthening of home-base consciousness and perfecting of home-base art of many nations and nationalities of Slavic states, in particular on the international journalist seminar of municipal and regional Mass Media.


Apart from the mentioned above masters in the list of school pedagogues during last three years there were implemented over 30 well-known all over the world professors from creative universities and familiar artists. Among them – prima and   choreographer-director of the National Ballet of Bulgaria Riolina Topalova, professor of Moscow State Conservatory, Honoured man of art of RussiaNatal'ya Gilyarova, professor of Kiev Music Academy, folklorist Evgeny Efremov, professor, head of the choreography department of Belorussian State University of Culture and Arts Svetlana Gutkovskaya, Principal of Plovdiev Academy of Music, Dance and Art Milcho Vacil’ev, founder and manager of sacred music ensemble “Sirin” Andrey Kotov and many others. During three years school was visited by over 900 peoples of different age – pupils, students, professionals, and amateurs. Our school is open for everybody therefore there are representatives of many nations and nationalities among its participants.

We signed an agreement with several universities, schools and creative unions, as well as with professional artists from different countries. They see school as an international interacademic basis to grow up unique creative projects.

Besides School several firm-partners are established: in Russia – Agency “Slavic Route” LLC (Yekaterinburg), in Belarus – “Slavic cultural centre” LLC (Minsk). Network of partners development will go on, we are searching for partners in different countries.  In all countries, where firms-partners exist or will be established School plans to organize and regularly hold creative sessions, concerts, creative meeting, exhibitions and performances of School contest laureates.

Schedule of summer creative sessions for 2014

09.06. – 23.06. “Bulgarian kaleidoscope”
- XV international art festival “Sun. Joy. Beauty” (collectives of all genres and types of art); creative meetings with masters of Bulgarian culture.
23.06. – 07.07. “Slavic art-chaos”
- II international festival-contest “Slavic art-chaos” (street circus, street theatre, animation, flashmob, fashion theatre), themed master-classes
- fine and applied arts (Black Sea plein-air, contest, master-classes)
07.07. – 21.07. “The Fair of traditions”
- V international festival-contest “The fair of traditions” (traditional folklore, folk-rock, folk-modern, world music and other types of instrumental music, dances and songs), master-classes, concerts.
- international seminar of journalists and bloggers-researchers in the sphere of history and archeology, also the school of info-agency journalists and the school of young journalists
21.07. – 04.08. “Sunny dance”
- IV international contest “Sunny dance” (all types and genres of choreography), master-classes, concerts.
04.08. – 18.08. “Bravo!”
- V international contest “Bravo!” (academic, instrumental and vocal art, including folk direction), master-classes, concerts
18.08. – 29.08. “The magic of scene”
- II international contest of pop song “My way” n. a. Vladimir Khachaturov, master-classes for the directors of creative collectives and singers, concerts.
- III international children’s art festival “Constellation in Nessebar” (collectives of all genres and types of art)



28.03.2013 — The well-known jazz pianist Daniel Kramer will be a guest teacher in the school "Slavic Route" in summer of 2013 under an agreement with The Institute Of Contemporary Art (Russia, Moscow).. Due to his busy schedule maestro will not be able to take part in a creative session "Bravo!" for academic

18.03.2013 — In 2013 the School “Slavic Route" is waiting for artists of all ages for Black Sea plain air from June 24 to July 8, at the time of creative session "Slavic Art Chaos". Wonderful constellation of the great maestros of our time have been formed to meet and work with. To name only few which need no

18.03.2013 — Channel 1 (Russia) launched a new show "Look-alikes". It's interesting what the participants will offer in the next episode. But the fact that almost all the participants can admirably imitate the vocal style of masters of the world stage is the merit of guest teacher Marina Polteva,

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